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Q & A with Jeff Randolph, TRG Communities

Jeff Randolph started TRG Communities way back in 1997. Since that time, even as the business has grown significantly, his original vision has stayed intact:

“Our goal from day one was to establish a residential, mixed-use development company that created imaginative, dynamic spaces for families to live, work, and play. The reason we have been successful, I think, is that we have never wavered from that commitment.”

Indeed, TRG Communities has garnered numerous accolades and awards over the years, including being recognized by the National Association of Home and Professional Builder’s magazine, as well as being crowned “The Best” in American Living. Still based out of the perennially decorated city of Greenville in the Upstate of South Carolina, TRG Communities does work throughout the southeast—from Atlanta to Greensboro. Here’s what founder Jeff Randolph had to say recently about TRG Communities and the impact they continue to have in the region.

In addition to managing the selected homebuilders, they strategically set aside designated areas in each community for amenities, retail shops, and green space.

Q & A with Jeff Randolph

Q. So Jeff, if you had to boil it down to one thing, what is it that homeowners—and builders, for that matter—like best about TRG?

A. I suppose it would be that our communities elevate the value of each individual home. We are very intentional about each community—picking the right land, selecting the right builders, overseeing the architectural guidelines, and ensuring quality from pre-ground-breaking to the construction and sale of the final home in the community.

Q. So TRG is a very strategic company with a hands-on approach.

A. Oh yes, absolutely. We don’t leave anything to chance…at least we try not to (laughs). We carefully map out each community, in terms of the relationship of living space, green space, retail components, and potential amenity areas. We strive to achieve balance so that it will be a self-contained community that attracts a variety of buyers, from young families to older individuals and empty nesters.

Q. So I did some research and the word on the street, in the builder community, is that builders love to work on TRG projects. Why is that.

A: Well, I appreciate you saying that. That’s good to hear (laughs). I suppose it is because our homes tend to sell consistently, and often faster, than at other communities. They also sell at a higher price per-square-foot typically. We want to make sure that we are creating a community or a neighborhood that is going to be attractive today, and also maintain its appeal 10 years down the road. Our communities have staying power because they hold their value, even in an uncertain economy. They stand the test of time. Homeowners are drawn to that, as are builders.

Q: As everyone in real estate knows, the past year has been difficult, with interest rates ticking up to 7%, inventory in short supply, and home values coming back down to earth somewhat. How does TRG face a market like this?

A: We have the same approach in a down market as in a buyer’s market—we always seek to create value. We look for parcels of land that are desirable locations, that are only going to be more coveted as time goes on. On top of that, we design our communities to appeal to families by offering accessibility, plenty of outdoor space, gathering spaces, pools, clubhouses, retail shops…it just depends on the particular project. The goal is to build more than a neighborhood with a bunch of houses, but to create a holistic living experience that stands the test of time. Because the bottom line is, people make decisions about where they want to live based on long-term value…whether the market is favorable or not. Our emphasis on quality, value, and the overall living experience has helped us succeed over the past year, and during other challenging times.

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The Randolph Group develops communities all over the Upstate of South Carolina, as well as other regions in South Carolina and in North Carolina. We specialize in creating imaginative places for people to live, work, and play, while enjoying an elevated lifestyle and sense of community.

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