Committed developers understand the importance of their role within local communities. They seek to add value through intentional design, land impact, and improvements, providing local jobs, stewarding the environment, community input, following state/local building codes for design and development while maintaining community standards. Simply put, developers should seek ways to invest in their community through charity, land improvement, and quality. These developers consider themselves part of the community so they really do have “skin in the game” beyond profit.

One of the ways developers support the community is through charitable contributions, volunteering in various community efforts, providing support to first responders, schools, and other worthy non-profit organizations.

The Randolph Group (TRG) continually seeks ways to support the local community in every development we pursue. Each is different and unique to the specific community and location. We are committed to being good stewards, sharing and supporting local causes, agencies, and people within the communities we develop and serve.

One recent example is a new development in Charleston, South Carolina, where we are leading an affordable housing development in conjunction with Homes of Hope with the City of Charleston as a partner. The proposed development on Ashley River Road at Dogwood Road will include 75 affordable for-sale townhomes that will serve families earning up to 100% of AMI (Area medium income). It is expected to be completed in April 2022 with occupancy in the fall of 2022.

As part of the plan, there is some required demolition. Before demolishing one of the buildings we offered the St. Andrews Fire Department the opportunity to conduct training events within and outside the structure. We have enjoyed the partnership with these community heroes guided by Fire Marshall and Captain Kevin Berkel head of investigations, training, and fire prevention for the St. Andrews Fire Department.

Captain Berkel noted, “We are continuing our training scenarios of rescuing a firefighter down, as well as civilian victims. This week we rotated all our companies through this training using theatrical smoke. All our crews love the opportunity to train in this structure and we are all very thankful!”

Giving back to the community is really important in regard to corporate stewardship and partnership. Seeking creative opportunities and innovative ways to support the local community is just one way developers can invest and buy into their local community. First Responders are always looking for private and public sector partnerships. Sometimes it’s something as small as providing a training location that otherwise would’ve gone unnoticed and been demolished without a thought.

At TRG we are trying to find ways to support the communities in which we invest with creativity and innovation. We encourage other developers and community non-profit organizations to seek similar partnerships. Community development is a partnership and one that shouldn’t be taken for granted. TRG will continue to seek ways to support our communities and neighborhoods without seeking fanfare or the limelight because it’s just the right thing to do.

TRG Communities develops and creates imaginative places for homeowners to enjoy a wide array of amenities and living space. We design communities instead of houses and neighborhoods! Our desire is for the total enjoyment and satisfaction of our residents. Our developments include O’Neal Village in Greer, SC, Foxbank Plantation in Charleston, Verdmont and Carilion in Travelers Rest, and Neely Farm in Simpsonville, SC.

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