Neighborhood Lifestyles

What suburbia cries for are the means for people to gather easily, inexpensively, regularly, and pleasurably — a ‘place on the corner,’ real life alternatives to television, easy escapes from the cabin fever of marriage and family life that do not necessitate getting into an automobile.
— Ray Oldenburg

Neighborhood Lifestyle is a key ingredient of a TRG Community. Utilizing thoughtful master planning, practical architecture, and vibrant parks and amenities, a TRG Community is built for people. Based on the "8-80 Philosophy, our neighborhoods are “good for an 8 year old and good for an 80 year old.” The most vibrant communities are inviting places allowing creative interaction for residents of all ages. TRG Communities create places for residents to build community whether through the orientation of a porch to an adjacent sidewalk, a summer music series, a weekend farmers market, or a neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt.  Sustainable and healthy lifestyles are encouraged through energetic pools, playgrounds, and social spaces. These "third places" are landmarks and anchors for creating a neighborhood lifestyle. 


Creating Imaginative Places

We try to create experiences that people want to tell their friends about.
— Warby Parker

Creating Imaginative Places is a flag TRG Communities hangs high, consistently defying the cookie cutter style by creating communities that are both memorable and meaningful. TRG’s creative process provides a deep sense of place, by designing remarkable streetscapes, home styles, pocket parks, and amenities. Many timeless communities, such as Charlotte's Fourth Ward, Savannah’s Historic District, and Greenville’s Historic Neighborhoods, have heavily influenced the TRG Communities Style. Each TRG Community is distinctively designed to be relevant to its residents, but sure to inspire generations to come.


Sustainable Impact

We need to defend the interests of those whom we’ve never met and never will.
— Jeffrey D. Sachs

TRG Communities recogniz they are entrusted to implement best practices for current residents, but also for those future generations. The TRG Team has been innovating low-impact development (LID) that works in harmony with the environment, whether that is utilizing impervious surfaces, native landscapes, or conservation easements. The TRG Team has been recognized for innovating mixed-use communities of residential, commercial, and park space reducing the need for unnecessary roadways and parking, which detract from a community’s natural beauty. TRG Communities have been intentionally crafted to have a sustainable impact for generations to come to enjoy.

Community Connection

You can design, create and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.
— Walt Disney

TRG’s desire to be a Community Connection begins with listening and being involved on the local level. TRG recognizes their developments have regional impacts beyond the neighborhood boundaries and desire to partner with those movements that holistically advance community. Whether supporting the art’s community in downtown Greenville or partnering with local faith communities in Charleston, these are just two ways TRG connects with the community. TRG has a proven track record of not only developing neighborhoods that connect to the larger community, but also working in harmony with long-time residents, municipalities, and local organizations.