Essentials Coffee coming to Foxbank

Foxbank is excited to announce a new coffee house coming to the neighborhood. Essentials Coffee will be taking root in the master-planned Moncks Corner community in Summer 2016.

The new coffee house will not only feature great drip coffee, but also hot and cold beverages, including popular frozen blended drinks. It will feature café items including local pastries and bagels from mom & pop bakeries as well as seasonal food options too. 

The idea was birthed from a real need that business partner's Marshall West, local real estate agent and Shawn Wood, pastor of Foxbank's Freedom Church, saw in the greater Moncks Corner community. They found themselves networking in the community and without a great place to meet with friends, community members, and clients. Both are locals to the Moncks Corner community are are committed to the positive growth they have seen in the area. The name "Essentials" is a play off the coffee-lover's conviction that the caffeinated goodness is an essential part of the day. 

Essentials Coffee is also designing a curbside pick-up option for coffee drinkers needing their fix on the go. Customers will be able to easily pre-order their drinks via text message and have their drink hand delivered right to their car window once they arrive. A true customer-friendly service!

Contractors are currently outfitting the new storefront and plans to be open for business in Summer 2016 in The Shops at Foxbank located directly off US Highway 52 and Foxbank Plantation Blvd. 

Published on by Dan Weidenbenner.