Perfecting the Front Porch


One of TRG’s key ingredients for cultivating a neighborhood lifestyle in each of our communities is building the perfect front porch. Although the front porch has become a southern tradition, it’s meaning and value far extend the tradition. The front porch is where our home extends far out into the communities we cherish. It is where stories are shared, where new and old friends unite, and where lifelong memories are fashioned.

One of my most cherished childhood memories is on my aunt’s front porch swing. As we would watch the heavy summer sun fall, we shared life’s true meaning and imagined the world we longed to exist. Life stood still, while our long summer days quickly drifted quickly away. Looking back, I wouldn’t trade those front porch conversations for another trip to the local water park or extra time in the arcade. The front porch for me was a place of retreat, reflection, and community that brought clarity to my chaotic world. 

Creating that perfect front porch is both an art and a science. Hear from Ross Chapin as he shares what makes a great front porch in his latest book, Pocket Neighborhoods:

  • Get the Right Location: Front yard or side yard, just be sure to make it open to the street or walkway so neighbors can be neighbors. 

  • Make it a Living Space: Create an atmosphere that makes you want to linger. Why just a swing, bring on the comfy chase or dinette!
  • Make it Large Enough: An average porch is just 5 ft. across and 6 ft. deep, we prefer something a little larger… 12 ft. across and 9-10 ft. wide.
  • Don’t cut through the Middle: Don’t create undue traffic on the porch. Create a porch space either on left or right of your front door. Better yet, create a living space on each side of your front door.

  • Keep the Porch Open: A screened porch may be great for the back, but we want to be neighbors right! We encourage roll-downs or canvas curtains for all-weather front porch sitting.

  • Define the Edge: Don’t forget a crafty railing! Not just for safety, but for the perfect placeholder for your lemonade.

The perfect front porch is invaluable because of the rich community it fosters and the deep sense of place it instills for our families. Designing the front porch is no easy task, especially when it reflects the personality of the people who call it home. Every TRG Community is sure to include an array of front porches customizable to your families personality. 

To see more ideas, check out front porch board on Pinterest. Don't forget to share with us some of your favorite front porch memories that never seem to fade. 

Verdmont Front Porches

Comfy seating on this Verdmont front porch

Carilion Double Stacked Front Porch

Array of O'Neal Village Front Porches

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Published on by Dan Weidenbenner.