Creating a Sense of Place

As TRG creates imaginative places, a component that we strive to create is a Sense of Place for every community. Whether that is imagining a unique play space at Verdmont or a beautiful streetscape of traditional homes at Carillion. However in recent years the term sense of place has become a buzzword, whether that is with social scientists, environmentalists, developers, or city planners. One our favorite definitions for sense of place is the meaningful bond between people and place, whether that is a historical, familial, emotional, spiritual or physical bond.

Play Tunnel at Verdmont

Where I have the strongest sense of place is my neighborhood dock during my junior high years. I grew a deep connection to my neighborhood dock that stretched over the calm warm waters of a small neighborhood lake. I would overlook the grassy inlets, feel the thick humid air, and observe the occasional visiting heron. I would finish my early morning runs at this place. I would be able to disengage from whatever chaos was occurring in life and refocus my energy to understand life’s larger meanings. Soon after, I later realized how I developed this deep emotional and spiritual connection to this place.  You might also have a strong sense of place to these serene spaces, however for others it might be at a social gathering spot. Perhaps you have a strong sense of place with a neighborhood park that overlooks a beautiful streetscape of well-crafted homes where your son or daughter took their first steps. No matter the place, we all have unique spaces that provide deep meaning to our lives.

Cookie Cutter Suburbia

At TRG Communities we do not take this concept lightly. We know when you are purchasing a home, for many it also means starting a new family or a new journey into retirement. Our communities strive to be imaginative places where we can all find rich and dynamic meaning. We have all seen communities that create cookie-cutter homes in a cookie-cutter manner, where parking lots precede parks and roadways precede sidewalks. As we all look to create meaning in our places, we are creating a platform for high-quality craftsmanship and inspiring green spaces.

Carilion's Riley Park

Published on by Dan Weidenbenner.