Deck the Halls in O'Neal Village


     This holiday season cheerful residents came together on Saturday evening for the first annual Deck The Halls in O'Neal Village at Wicker Park. Adults and children enjoyed tasty hot chocolate while roasting marshmallows beside the warm fire. Kids and adults adorned Wicker Park's magnolias and their community hearth. Garland was spread, wreaths were hung, and bright red and gold ornaments were placed atop the trees. Parents and adults shared stories while kids enjoyed candy canes playing in the park. 

     Neighborhood organizer, Patti Lawson said the event was a great way for her neighborhood to come together and it's only the beginning of gatherings yet to come. Lawson shared how O'Neal Village promotes residents coming together with shared green space, small community feel, and low-maintenance yards. At TRG Communities we are always looking for ways to intentionally cultivate neighborhood lifestyles. Through community park space and dynamic features, such as O'Neal Villages community hearth, residents are able to connect with one another. Whether it's over exchanging those secret holiday recipes or helping to keep an eye on neighborhood child, O'Neal Village and other TRG Communities are strategically designed for an invaluable neighborhood lifestyle. 



    The spirit-filled evening concluded with neighbors coming together for pizza at a neighbor's home. Lawson shared how neighborhood events, like these, help build relationships among everyone and has really cultivated an inclusive community. Neighbors have already begun planning their next community event, "S'more fun in O'Neal Village" where our youth and adults can enjoy tasty s'mores in the neighborhood park.  


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Published on by Dan Weidenbenner.